Hair Extensions

Have you had extensions that matte up? Usually this is due to a number of reasons including; the quality of hair; the combination of different hair types mixed in; the cuticle of the hair laying in different directions; and the overlay of hair at the top from sewing the weft (this is called the beard). 


Limited Luxury Hair Extensions sources the hair from Cambodia, where they help women and men escape the sex trade. Limited Luxury Hair has created a retreat providing a place for employees to work and live with their families where they can learn how to sew and create the extensions. Many other company’s pay low hourly wages resulting in unethical working conditions. Limited Luxury Hair Extensions pay’s the employee by the unit creating freedom in how and when the employees work. 


Every batch of hair is taken from a single donor insuring that the cuticle of the hair all lay in the same direction. Also, they have omitted the “beard” at the top of the weft extension to maintain quality and keep the hair from matting. 

Many choices surround the decisions in your hair needs and at Lolo and Lace not only do we have you covered, we care about social entrepreneurship and humans rights.